3CE Velvet Lip Tints & Supreme Violet Matte Lipstick Swatches and Review

Hey guys! So I just posted a new video swatching the new shades of the 3CE Velvet Lip Tints and Supreme Violet Matte Lipsticks. You’ll notice, I did a specifically swatching video and did not actually review the products. That’s because I’ve already done a full video reviewing and swatching the 3CE Velvet Lip Tint line. However, I wanted to also do a quick write up for those of you guys who missed that video!

Let’s get to the breakdown… 

Let’s go over the Velvet Lip Tints first. Since my first video on these, I find that these lip products are among my most used lippies! I always find myself reaching for them because they’re a super comfortable matte lip tint. I also find that they’re long-lasting and I adore the shade range. I think these would be flattering on a lot of people and skin tones! The scent of these is a very heavy vanilla scent.. I would actually say this is my least favorite part. Luckily, it does not hang around. Do I think they’re worth the price tag at about $15? I think they’re worth a try! They’re a little bit more pricy than other Korean lip tints I’ve used.. but like I mentioned, I definitely prefer these over other matte lip tints!

Now on to the Supreme Violet Matte Lipsticks. I’ve always been a fan of 3CE lip products. Why? Because they’re super pigmented, go on smoothly, and are long-lasting. On top of that, I’m obsessed with these new colors! I’ve always enjoyed plum and violet makeup. For some reason, these are more expensive that the velvet lip tints coming in at a whopping $19! Do I think these are worth the price tag…I actually don’t. I think they’re lovely lip products but I do think other brands have excellent matte lipsticks as well (ahem, Etude House!). Between these two products, I would definitely recommend the Velvet Lip Tints over these.

Note on the video: What did you think? I was getting a bit bored with the typical swatching style videos… so I wanted to challenge myself and do something a bit more creative 🙂