Etude House Double Lasting SERUM Foundation Review + Double Lasting Comparison

Whoa whoa whoa… Etude House came out with a new foundation (again) ?! That’s right! Recently, they launched their new Etude House Double Lasting Serum Foundation. Just in time for the fall and winter season, am I’right?

Let’s get to the breakdown…

Now I detailed my feelings about this foundation in the video review I did about this new foundation on my youtube channel, The Beauty Breakdown. I also embedded it above for your viewing convenience. Looking at this foundation, I felt there were a few stand-out things and, well, a few odd things.

The Double Lasting Serum Foundation is meant to be a long-wearing, radiant, and skin-conditioning foundation. Did I find it long-wearing…no. Did I find it radiant…maybe? Did I find is skin-conditioning…not sure. Let me get into that a bit more.

I tested this foundation for a couple days before I did my initial review. Since then, I’ve tried it in a couple different ways and find I get the same results. First off, let’s discuss how long this foundation wears. Without powder or primer, this serum foundation lasts about 1-2 hours before I see it moving around and settling into my pores. I was slightly impressed by the fact that for a “serum” foundation (aka dewy or an oil slick in my book) this did set… eventually. I can’t stand foundation that feel sticky or tacky and after about an hour, this was somewhat set to the touch. This was great until about 3-4 hours later when it went a bit too powdery on my skin. *Hello pores and any slight imperfections* Keep in mind, I do have a very dry skin type, but it’s rare that a dewy-type/semi-matte foundation does this on my skin. I did my best to catalogue what I meant by this in the video review above so if I’m not explaining this concept well enough (I’m not…), I did a better job in the video. With a powder, this was wayyyy to dry on my skin. So as far as lasting 24 hours.. um, Etude House? We must have different concepts of what 24 hours means.

Below, I show how this wears on a lovely pimple I had. You can see in the second picture, the foundation has faded off my pimple within 2-3 hours. YIKES!

This did make my skin look radiant, at first, and that was without setting it with powder. I personally would rather start off with a matte or semi-matte foundation and add my own “radiance” to it with the help of luminescent primers or highlighters.

Let’s talk skin care in makeup. I don’t believe it. To me, skin care serves a purpose and makeup serves a purpose. When makeup products claim to have “skin care properties”, I take it with a grain of salt. I mean, they have their own independent roles and I don’t like to mince the two. I just feel like it’s a marketing tactic and to me, it’s not like it’s going to replace my skin care anyways. Hey, if it’s helps my skin… great! But I don’t look at it as a selling point.

One major thing I give Etude House, in general, and this goes for the original Double Lasting Foundation is that I appreciate the shade range. I’m not fair-skinned by any means and my skin tans quite easily. This makes for a difficult time when it comes to finding Korean foundations for me. However, Etude House actually creates shades that match me! YAY! I would say I’m about a MAC NC 30 for reference (I haven’t checked that in a while, so take that with a grain of salt also haha). I’m just saying, I do appreciate the wider range. Oh and btw,  I’m the darkest shade they offer which is No7 Amber. Do I wish they went a bit darker.. of course! But that’s my feelings towards all Korean beauty companies in general (Sulwhasoo, you also do a GREAT job with the darker shades btw!)

Ok, well… that’s all I have to say in this post about the new Etude House foundation. Like always, I do get more in-depth in my video review, but I also like to do a little write-up for those of you who prefer written reviews!