Gucci GG Marmont Velvet Crossbody Mini Bag Review

I had been on the hunt for a stunning belt bag (which is *ahem* a fancy way of saying fanny pack). So when I first laid my eyes on this Gucci GG Marmont Velvet Mini Bag, I knew I had to have it! However, there weren’t a lot of reviews about it which was disappointing considering it’s a pretty sizable chunk of change. Because of this, I wanted to do a quick write-up of my thoughts about this gorgeous Gucci bag and my thoughts on it since I’ve been using it for a couple months.

Wearing the Gucci CC Marmont Velvet Mini Bag as a belt bag

But before I get to the review, I wanted to let you guys know I purchased this bag on Neiman Marcus online using ebates. Ebates is great because you get cash back for your purchases and you might as well with a big purchase like this, right? If you decide to use ebates, I’d love if you’d go through my link!

So my first question about this mini bag was… will this fit my phone? I personally have an iPhone 7+ so my phone is pretty big. On top of that, I have a case and a pop socket on my phone. My phone does fit in this bag, however, I will say, it’s quite tight. My iPhone just slides rights into this Marmont bag. If my phone were any bigger or if I have a thicker case, it would probably fill up the entire bag. If I have my phone in this bag, I can fit a couple cards (I usually slide them into a card holder type thing… it’s pretty much a slim case that’s function is purely to keep my cards and money together), my keys,  and maybe a couple sticks of gum. So if I’m planning on going out with this little bag, I usually don’t take much. I take the bare essentials or carry my phone in my hand so I have more space. Yes, it’s super small and compact but that’s why I like it and why I think it looks nice as a “belt bag”.

My phone inside the bag (I have an iPhone 7 plus by the way!)

Wearing the bag as a belt bag

Another concern of mine prior to purchasing this bag was velvet or leather. Usually, I’m a leather girl. Leather tends to be easier to maintain and you can wipe it clean. However, I personally preferred the flap of the velvet bag as well as the darkness of the black of the velvet. I LOVED how black the velvet was and to me, that was the selling point. It really does vamp up every outfit and in my opinion is more versatile. I can wear it for casual occasions as well as formal occasions. I’ve been wearing this bag for a couple months and have not noticed any wearing on the backside of the bag (the side that would wear against my body as I’m wearing it).

Wearing the bag as a cross body!

Despite it being tiny, I LOVE this bag. I actually find myself reaching for this bag the most! I even wear it more than my Gucci Sylvie! It’s just so convenient and looks good with everything. I also love that’s it’s versatile. Because it also has a keychain on the inside, you can attach the shoulder chain around your waist. It’s not adjustable so depending on your size, it might hang a little lower or might be a bit tighter. For reference, I’m a size 2 and it still have a little wiggle room. You can also wear it as a cross body bag or as a shoulder bag if you double the chain under the flap. Finally, you can tuck everything in and use the bag as a clutch. There are lots of options!

The hardware has a nice “tarnish” to it which, I think, makes it more versatile.

Overall, I’m absolutely in love with this Gucci Marmont Bag. It’s versatile in both how you wear it and where you wear it and I feel like it’s a fair price point for what you get from a designer brand. I’ve sprinkled some different outfits of me wearing the bag so you can how gorgeous this bag is and I hope this quick review is helpful for those of you thinking of purchasing the bag (btw, I’d recommend picking this specific style up soon if you’re interested! I have a feeling they’re planning on phasing this style out since this style flap seems more popular and they’re only available as certain retailers! I also had to wait on a waiting list for mine so act quick!). Let me know if you’d also like to see a review of my Gucci Sylvie bag!

FTC: This is not a sponsored post and I purchased the bag with my own money. The links provided through this post are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase through them.