MY TRAVEL ROUTINE 🌎 Beauty Tips, Jet Lag, and How I Stay Healthy!

I like to consider myself well-versed in traveling. I’ve been to a lot of different countries, and with my work, I find myself abroad quite a bit. Because of all this, I’ve picked up some habits and routines that I wanted to share.

#1: As soon as I get to where I’m staying, I immediately plug in all my devices.

Nothing is worse than a dead phone, camera, microphone, etc., when you’re working and need it. Because of this, I always make sure to plug everything in when I get to where I’m staying. If I don’t do it immediately, I’ll definitely forget.

#2: I sanitized surfaces I know I’ll be touching.

Now of course, I’m not talking about scrubbing down the entire place. However, I do like to wipe down the switches, remotes, knobs, toilet seats, table tops, etc. with a disinfecting wipe. I get these ones from iHerb because I can also use them on my hands! You can use my code MLK760 for 5% off your order from iHerb.

#3: Adjust as soon as you!

I get it, jet lag sucks and it always seems impossible to adjust to new time zones. However, it’s really helpful to discipline yourself to the time change. This means, no taking naps during the day, as tempting as it may be. This also means going to bed when it’s bedtime. Seriously. I know all this seems a bit obvious but it can be difficult in practice. Take it from me, it’s best to deal with it instead of being tired your entire trip!

If you’re still struggling, I’ve found that taking a warm shower right before bed helps lull me to sleep and taking a cold shower in the morning helps jolt me awake. It helps reset my system so see if that helps for you as well!

#4: Bring your own shampoo and conditioner

I always bring little vials of my own shampoo and conditioner that will last me through my trip. I never use the products that the hotel supplies because they’re usually not best. Using my normal products keep my hair looking great and I use the hotel shampoo/conditioner for my makeup brushes so I don’t waste them. I can also reuse the bottles from the hotel for my own products in the future!

#5: I have a specific travel curling iron that I keep in my suitcase

I have a separate curling iron that I use for traveling. It may seem excessive, but I like to store it in my suitcases so it’s ready to go! I use this one because it’s affordable, ceramic, and has dual voltage. That means I don’t have to worry about blowing a fuse or my curling iron out! I just have to worry about the plug.

#6: Dry shampoo will be your best friend

I always take dry shampoo with me because it prolongs my style and keeps my hair fresh. The less time I spend on my hair means the more time I get to enjoy my trip. My favorite dry shampoo is this one from Klorane because it doesn’t clog my scalp and it’s doesn’t feel heavy and sticky.

#7: I make sure to take my vitamins

I usually take a vitamin c tablet and a daily vitamin everyday of my trip. I take these ones that I also get from iHerb. Obviously, you want to eat healthy too and not just rely on vitamins, but these can supplement when my diet is lacking.

#8: I try to keep up with my workout routine

I know it’s hard when you’re traveling to work out. However, not only is working out helpful for maintaining your waist line, but it also keeps you from getting sick (if you workout regularly at home) and helps you adjust to the time zone. On top of that, I take travel protein packets with me that are packed with mineral, vitamins, and bcaas (branch chain amino acids). These ones are awesome because it’s the protein I use at home, the come in single serving packets, they’re plant-based, and they taste awesome. 

So those are some of my tips for traveling and staying healthy and sane! Let me know your best travel tips down below!