etude house beauty shot face blur

[Review] Etude House Beauty Shot Photo Blur

Ok guys! Here is the long awaited review of the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur! As soon I showed this in my Big Korean Haul and on my Instagram, everyone wanted a review! So I decided to do a first impression video on it, as well as a post 🙂 I also bought this product from
So let’s look at the breakdown…
I love the packaging of this because it’s not only cute to look at, but it’s also in a pump! I love pumps for face products!
How to use…
This is meant to be used as a face primer before your foundation and makeup.  I apply this to my skin with my fingers after I’ve moisturized and before I started applying makeup so it has time to set in my skin.
On the box, it claims that this product is supposed to smooth the skin, hide pores, and tone up your complexion (this means balancing out your skin tone). It also has an SPF of 15 which is always an added bonus in my book!
When you first apply it to your skin, it feels a little tacky. This is because it makes your make last longer! I did notice that when I used this with my normal BB cream, Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream (review here!), it does last longer.


Whoa, this stuff is not kidding when it says it’s a “photo blur”. On my skin, this stuff literally makes my skin look photoshopped. It makes my skin look so perfect, radiant, and luminous! My dad even commented on my skin and he never does! It appears very bright and healthy! You can see that in the pictures, my skin looks photoshop and has a nice “glow” but I swear, I didn’t touch the pictures!

Lasting Ability…

This is one area that it fell a little short in. Because it’s a face primer, I was expecting it make my makeup last longer, but I didn’t notice any spectacular lasting power in this. I’m sure it helped, but it wasn’t anything drastic. However, because it makes my skin look so awesome, I can forgive the fact that it doesn’t last forever.
This is what my skin looks like in natural light and with all my normal makeup applied. I’m facing a window and you can see how bright and nice my skin looks! It seriously looks photoshopped! I can’t believe it!


This is what it looks like under fluorescent lighting. It’s awesome because it doesn’t bounce light of my skin like crazy (which is what gives you that “mask” appearance in bright lights and photos) but it’s just the right amount of luminosity!


On the back of my hand, you can see that it does hide some of my hair follicles, smooths my skin, and brights my skin ever so slightly. It’s one of those products that’s gives a natural “je ne sais quoi” kind of look 🙂
How crazy does my skin look in this photo?!?!?! I swear, I did not retouch it one bit and the makeup I applied on top is makeup I usually wear! So the only difference is the Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur!



Packaging: ****
Benefits: ****
Consistency: *****
Appearance: *****
Lasting Ability: ***
Overall: *****
I just wanted to end this post in saying that this is my new HOLY GRAIL face primer. That’s it 🙂
xoxo, Morgan