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[Review] LG Elastine Silk Repair Bubble Korean Hair Color in Golden Brown

I recently decided I wanted to change up my hair a little and wanted to go for a lighter look since spring is coming closer. However, I know my hair…and boy is my hair STUBBORN. I use to attempt to dye my hair back in high school, but it never really “colored”. I guess  that’s a typical characteristic of asian hair…
So first I decided to go to a salon and get it professionally colored. However, as you can tell in my videos on my channel, The Beauty Breakdown, my hair didn’t really look any different. I don’t know if my hair stylist didn’t have a lot of experience coloring asian hair, or if my hair was THAT stubborn.
A couple weeks later, I decided to give it one last go and try hair dye that was specifically designed for asian hair. I went to my local Korean beauty store and found this bubble hair kit.
When I first saw this, I was like “WHAAAA, LG makes hair products too?!”





The color reference guide


The contents of the box included the pump bottle, the developer, shampoo and conditioner packets, and protective gear included gloves, ear covers, and a plastic shawl.


You mix solutions one and two together and just swirl them together! You don’t want to shake because that ruins the solution… so try not to make any bubbles. Then, like you would with any box color, you just apply it all over your hair. I love that this was “bubble-y” because it made the application of it much easier! You could basically shampoo it into your hair, so the color came out very evenly.


You then leave the product in for 25 minutes (I left mine in for 30 minutes), and then you wash it out using the packets below.


As you can see, my hair is a little lighter from when I went to the salon. Naturally, I have very dark brown hair (almost black!).



You can see that it looks MUCH lighter! So I was happy with the results. It looks pretty red in the picture, but in real life and in sunlight, it looks much more brown. I was hoping for an ashier look, but this will do! I was just happy my hair looked different. Although, I don’t know if you can really tell, but this hair color didn’t have the best root coverage. If you look closely, you can still see my darker roots.


This is what the color looks like in direct sunlight (I’m facing a window)


My hair didn’t feel super dry, so I was happy it still was healthy and soft! Plus, it made my hair look nice and shiny 🙂
Overall: *** (and a half)
Coverage: ****
Root Coverage: **
Ease of Application: ****
Shininess: ****
Overall, I liked this box color. It was easy to use, came out evenly, and didn’t make my hair feel super dry. I just wish it lightened my hair even more and was a bit more ashy. Plus, the root coverage wasn’t that great. So I would recommend this product, but next time I color my hair, I think I’ll try a different bubble brand!
What do you think of my new hair color?