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All 12 of the 3CE Cloud Lip Tint Swatches

Ever since 3CE launched their Velvet Lip Tints a few years ago, I’ve been highly impressed by their lip products. That’s saying a lot for me considering I’ve been somewhat critical of 3CE products over the years (I find their products very hit-or-miss). Since their previous generation of velvet lip products were a success, there was a lot of anticipation surrounding the launch of these Cloud Lip Tints.

So let’s get to the breakdown…

*When I wrote this post, these weren’t available on Yesstyle. I’m happy to report they are now! If you decide to purchase from yesstyle, feel free to use my code BEAUTYBREAKDOWN (no pressure, of course)!

The first thing I want to cover for this post is the purchasing process. I ended up buying these online (since I opted not to buy them on my last trip to Korea… which in hind-sight I probably should have). After looking around and comparing prices, I decided to purchase the set through the Stylenanda website. This was the first time I’ve ever bought anything from their website, so I was excited to see they offered a discount on your first purchase. Well… it took me a bit to figure out how to apply the coupon and I was a bit frustrated with their overall interface for their website. Nit-picky… I know, but Stylenanda is a global brand and shopping on their shopping website should be pretty easy. Like I said, most people wouldn’t care, but it took more time than I care to admit for me to figure out how to use my coupon, so that put a bad taste in my mouth.

Comparing the Velvet Lip Tints to the Cloud Lip Tints
As you can see in the video above, I was fairly happy with the formulation and finish of these lippies. Personally, I do find that they are somewhat similar to the velvet lip tints, the main difference being the consistency. While both have a semi-matte finish, the Velvet Lip Tints formula is a bit on the thicker side, making the Cloud Lip Tints lighter for day-wear. The scent was also a little lighter for the Cloud Lip Tints as well.

Consistency, Formula, and Finish
As I mentioned above, the consistency of these cloud lip tints are on the lighter side. This is because these are designed with blend-ability in mind. Following the current trends in Korea, these are easy to blend and feather on your lips to achieve that blurred lip look. The finish of these also feed into the blurred lip look since it is a semi-matte finish. Overall, I find that these are fairly easy to work with and feel comfortable to wear all day.

My Biggest Critique
The biggest critique I had for the Cloud Lip Tints was the shade range. I felt that a good amount of the colors they had available were similar to one another, making the set for me a bit… repetitive. I think this is why swatching videos are so important! You can decide for yourself which shades look the most appealing to you and which ones you feel like you could pass on.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little breakdown of the 3CE Cloud Lip Tints! Let me know which shade you like the most and what other 3CE products you’re excited about!